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The issue of installing hatches, ceilings and borders is important not only and not so much from the point of view of aesthetics, but from the standpoint of safety. That is why TECTUM company offers the modern market of Uzbekistan high-quality products for housing and communal services and not only.
What is important to know when buying cast iron hatches?
So, what characteristics should have high quality hatches?

  1. Road wells of this type must comply with established standards. Our products comply with all relevant state standards and quality requirements. In addition, each finished product undergoes a multistage quality control (quality monitoring is carried out in relation to 100% of our products).
  2. Of course, the road hatch should be distinguished by a high degree of resistance to various external factors. Do not forget that these products are used in open spaces, that is – on the street. TECTUM hatches are distinguished by such important characteristics as: resistance to moisture, chemicals, temperature extremes, corrosion, etc.
  3. Of course, it is important to choose the size of the hatch and its type. In our product range you will find products of any size suitable for all types of communication systems.
  4. When buying, it is also worth paying attention to the operating life and allowable load level. Yes, a quality product is slightly more expensive. But it will last several times longer than the budget option. In addition, it is important to understand that in case of exceeding the permissible level of load on the well, the emergence of emergency situations becomes inevitable. Our products are not only highly resistant to mechanical stress. Choosing TECTUM, you get a hatch that does not have to be replaced for many years.

In our product range you will find:

 Who is already with us?
Over the years, we have secured the trust and support of many partners and clients. And this – like nothing else, proves: you can rely on us in any situation.
Among the most famous partner companies can be identified, for example: TASHKENT CITY, DISKOVER INVEST, DUK SUVSOZ, CRYSTAL PAINT and many others.
Need quality reinforced concrete products or cast iron hatches? What are you waiting for? Just call us and we will offer a solution for your problem with a quality guarantee and a reasonable price!



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